Saturday, August 24, 2013


Today- I witnessed a miracle...

I woke up this morning at 4am for a fun Triathlon here in Charlotte. On my way I was singing pretty darn loud in my Jeep...

The morning was great, the weather perfect, the atmosphere electrifying. I have to add one point b/c this will give you chills later on.. 2 people, out of the 700 in the race, I knew I did not get along with. I always had it out for them, just thought they didnt like me. Ok- that will come back later...

So, the swim came and went. Felt pretty good other than the fact that everyone wears these speed suits these days that I do not have so I need to go buy one of those.. Still, good swim.. Then the bike..

I pretty much was on my own during the bike course, but felt pretty good. Until Mile 15......

A guy in a Truck thought he could make his left turn (opposite way of me) into his neighborhood faster than Me cycling past his entrance, He was wrong.. 

Cracked Helmet
Totaled Bike
4 flips on the bike
51feet between where I stopped rolling from where he hit me
9 Xrays
$1,000 damage to his bumper which hit my left side/leg (He T-boned me)
At first, total numbness in both legs, then just left side...

After all that, the doctor comes in and says "I have the results, and I dont think you realize what a miracle this is and how lucky you were, but both your Femer and Foot are not broken and your ankle is just sprained"..

Other than some crazy numbness and sore bruises, I am fine. 

So I talked to God, of course for a while. And realized a couple of things that this was a lesson on. 

1) The Charlotte Endurance community is amazing, So many people have reached out through Social Media today in huge thanks to My Good friend CL asking them all for prayers to go my way and updating everyone.  They most definitely worked! Just as they did to one of our known coaches who was affected in the Boston Bombing.

2) A slap in the face! The first 2 people to come visit me in the Hospital, were none other than those 2 people I mentioned earlier that I did not have good impressions towards for the last 2 years. Man, was I wrong.. I seriously would have guest anyone but them. Thank you JH and JL! Truly meant alot 

3) As I laid on the rode- I thought I could very well be paralyzed. I instantly asked God if that was my new road- please give me the strength to live that lifestyle.  But it was not, and for that- Im rejuvenated and ready to roll... 

Crazy, but alot more horrible stuff happens every second around the world. 

I love you all.. Seriously, if your reading this- I love you in some way somehow.. 



  1. What a miracle. Sounds like God's not done with you in the sport. ;) Praying that you'll recover in miracle speed.

  2. Wow Greg! Thank God your alright! What a miracle. ..

  3. Dude. What a miracle. Thank God for his protection today. Heal up soon!

  4. I have been thinking about you all weekend (since I heard) glad that you are okay!

  5. You don't know me, but I'm part of Strong & Focused Tri Club and decided to cheer everyone on instead of racing on Saturday. We were stationed at the first bike turn and heard the sirens, heard the police radio . . . when you hear a fellow racer is hurt, it just turns your stomach. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since Saturday . . . I'm sooo glad to hear you're ok! Rest up and hope to meet you at a race one day!

  6. So glad you are ok, I heard about the wreck as I entered T2. I always hate to hear about anyone getting hurt. It sounds like you were very lucky, heal quickly!

  7. Glad you are OK Greg - Join us at our Meet and Greet on Sept. 14th so we can celebrate your recovery!!
    Strong & Focused! Our site is

    Billy Doherty

  8. Extremely glad you are ok! We at the YMCA were so worried about you. You look great in the shirt - I am in charge of the shirt ordering, etc. Great shirt, huh?

  9. Man, I am SO glad to read this and see you are ok. I rode by the scene very shortly after it happened. EMS was there and I just KNEW it was bad. Said a few words for you. Glad it all turned out ok.

    Please take Billy Doherty up on his invite to come out on Sept 14th. The club would love to see you!!

    Tim Vest