Thursday, August 22, 2013


Training has been going well. Yesterday was an extremely hard training day, a swim before work , a bike during lunch, and a track workout after work. While I normally get all 3 in each day during the week, some days are harder days and some are easy. 

For instance, days with Workouts- i.e Bike - 5x2mi all out w/ 1mi recovery , or Swim - 4x1000yds at a certain time, or Run - 6x800 at 5k pace etc. - are the ones that I really need to mentally prepare myself for and know that being tired is not an excuse. 
Days that are Easy are ones with my bike is just a 25mi easy cruise or a 5mi easy run, or a swim that involves the pull bouy and fins. These days are great b/c I really enjoy training and have fun. The Workout days are fun too but not until afterwards ;).

I am feeling fit right now for the World Champs in 19 days, but not yet feeling 100% confident. The second half of the season I have not raced that much due to the training plan I have for the Championship. But I think I might enter in one shortly to dust off the cobwebs of the racing mentality. 

Absolutely loving it, thats for sure.. Such a fun journey and to have some friends that join me on a workout or 2 makes it that much more enjoyable. 


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