Sunday, March 2, 2014


     I read the story of Elijah today and realized how easy it is for us to experience the High's of highs and then immediately after the Low's of lows. That's normal. "Man, what a great morning. I swam. Coffee was amazing. The sun is out." 1 hr later "I have so much to do when I get home, I have so much to do now at work,I have to get an oil change, this never ends!"

     I also realized, that if you put life in perspective and expect these lows and greet them with open arms. You then just will see that its a blessing to have those types of issues or situations welcoming you any moment of your life.

     Any-who, The story of Elijah helped me see that with his bold comment to the King and Queen, and his High of winning the Battle, but the Low of hiding in a cave.

     Ok. On to the recap of the training week. Before that, I must say this weekend was perfect. On top of training (below) we planted 3 azaleas, 2 hydrangeas. We (She) set up this really cool garden idea she found on pintrest. And now have 4 bird feeders in the back, one blue bird home, and a.. squirrel feeder???
3 azaleas and 2 Hydrangeas ready to be planted
Just taking advantage of the days that are giving to me. That's all.

Training Recap:
- pumped. A great 2nd week into training. My training in the winter is already showing during these early training weeks. My lunch break on Thursday, I was able to get 4,500yds in with 1,600yds at a pace faster than race pace. That was a pretty exciting moment after the swim

- 3 rides outside, 4 rides in my gym. The weather here in Charlotte is on and off and I have not toughened up yet to ride all rides out side but it does help keep my Heart Rate down on the easy workouts. Its amazing though how much wind can change a workout. Truly makes you stronger when you go outside on windy days.
An amazing day to ride the bike..

- definitely a great run week in terms of speed. I did a 4x1k workout on Tuesday after a bike workout. My fastest 1k was 3.12 so that was sweet! The only thing was my rest was alot but that's because its early on into the training block. Rest gets littler and littler as the weeks go. Then 2 tempo runs that I was able to keep my HR at 170 which is right where I want it on tempo's. Today, I did a 9mi run and wanted the HR at 155 which means really easy. I avg. 7.29 so that was cool. It spiked only when a good song came on my iPod and I had to sing aloud. I had to!

My pacer is ready to race...

The Sunset and the Tree made for a perfect photo opp

Have a good week!


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