Sunday, March 2, 2014


So I have been running in minimalist shoes for a while now. I love how it keeps you from being a heel to toe runner, and forces you to run by having your mid-to-forefoot hit first. I love how light they are, and the snug fit.

But, one company in particular has the shoe style that I love. Skora ( )

Here are my reviews of 3 pairs for them:

- Light, alot of breathing, great for triathletes since its a Velcro tie instead of shoelaces. I use these after bike workouts and love them. Plus, with wet feet they still slide on.

I use these for easy mid runs. 4-6 miles at my easy pace. They feel amazing and really snug to your foot.

Going out for an easy run with the pup.

My favorite! Man, these are the all-in-one shoe really. I have posted my fastest 1k time in these shoes and hope to post more PRs this year in different distances. I have also ran 8miles and felt great after the run. Im thinking about putting Yanks (elastic shoelaces) on the shoe and use them in Triathlons; to see if I like them in a race better than the Base. I doubt it though since the Base is really built for wet conditions.

Just finishing a Speed workout, stretching the calves.

Anyway- hope this helps.



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